Psychological Benefits Of Horse Riding

Horseback riding, whether in a recreational or sporting way, such as horse riding or horse riding, has multiple benefits for our health. In addition, not only in relation to our physical state, but also in relation to our mind , so much so that a good example of this is the large number of psychological therapies that are carried out alongside these animals, known as hippotherapy .

Benefits of Horseback Riding

If you like animals and nature, horseback riding can be a perfect activity for you, either as a regular sport or as a leisure activity from time to time. In addition, horseback riding is recommended for all ages and children usually love it.

1. Improve our posture

You cannot ride a horse in any way, it must be done with a straight back. In this way, it will help us to be aware of our bad postures and will make it easier for us to correct them.

2. Increases strength and muscle tone

Far from what it may seem, riding a horse uses a large number of muscles with which we maintain balance, position and guide the animal. That is why riding a horse has nothing to do with being seated, but we will strengthen the muscles of the legs, in addition to toning the abdomen.

3. Helps boost our confidence levels

We must not forget that we are the ones on the horse and even the most experienced riders must trust the animal.

4. Improve coordination and reflexes

As it is an activity in which you do not have absolute control, since the horse is a living and independent being, you will be aware of the environment, the animal and everything that happens around you, thus working on your reflexes.

5. Decreases muscle tension

Although the first experiences on horseback make us stiff when we finish the ride and sore the next day, once the body has got used to this activity, riding a horse is a perfect exercise for our muscles to relax.

6. Boosts concentration and attention span

When we ride a horse we are totally focused on the connection with the animal. This discipline contributes to the work of our ability to concentrate, while, in addition, being aware of the activity is an ideal way of disconnecting from day to day.

7. Improves self-esteem

Contact with the horse is very beneficial for our mind. In addition, observing our progress, seeing how the communication between you and the animal is becoming more solid and how you learn to handle it is a rewarding and beneficial experience for self-esteem.