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What is? Who is it addressed to?

They are therapeutic, recreational, or educational interventions, aimed at all those who want to improve their abilities at a physical, mental, cognitive, and/or social level using the horse as a tool.

Why the horse?

It is a novel, fun, and dynamic element, creating motivation and participation.
It is a source of stimulation thanks to its large size, smell, physical contact, its movements, its sounds…

Various Interventions

Hippotherapy: Aimed at people with physical needs.
Therapeutic riding: Learning and adaptation.
Adapted riding: Specific adaptations for the performance of the equestrian discipline.

The main objective is to improve the quality of life, favoring their autonomy and social integration.

Benefits of Therapy

  • Physical Area.
    • Psychological Area.
    • Communication Area.
    • Social Area.

We offer various interventions applied from

  • Leisure
    • Therapy
    • Education
    • Group or individual sessions

 We offer qualified personnel with extensive experience in the field of animal-assisted interventions and we have horses trained to perform this type of work.