5 Facts That Make German Shepherds Our Best Friends


Obviously, we are talking about German Shepherds. However, if you are still not convinced of the benefits of opening the doors of your house to such a loving, protective animal, let us show him some proof. Check out:

They Are Heroic

This is the only way to explain why they are animals with such a predisposition to carry out tasks at the service of Police Dogs and Search And Rescue teams alike. German Shepherds are constantly honored for their bravery and work daily to save the lives of countless citizens.

As a result, German Shepherds will mostly be used as professional guard dogs. They will sense an intruder from afar and ward them off as needed. Their terrifying look when provoked will surely keep those intruders away.

They are excellent Family dogs.

If your dog is used to dealing with your babies from the beginning, do not hesitate: they will be your best friends for life. German Shepherds have the traits of loyalty, especially to their host family. The dog will be a friend of everyone in the house. Naturally, they are excellent Estate Security Canines.

Even when it comes to protecting its hosts, the German Shepherd does that with excellence.

They are “friends” of other animals

Although they appear stocky and muscular, German Shepherds are very friendly with other animals. In fact, as a rule, they even tend to develop a certain shyness towards other bigeye relatives!

Horse and German Shepherd Best Friends

They also know how to cast intimidating looks

They are the sweetest dogs in the world, but at the moment of truth, they look, and, even without barking, they can give a clear message: “don’t mess with me!”

German Shepherds are smart and easy to train.

A German shepherd loves to learn and feel useful, so he shows enormous ease in assimilating everything he is taught. You can purchase a Professionally-trained Wustenberger Land German Shepherd Personal Protection Dogs for sale to take home with you.